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MoneyOak helps you grow and develop your business. Invest in your future!

Founded in 2016, MoneyOak is an international consulting firm specialized innovation management. Our added value is analyze, case by case, different scenarios of compatibility and maximisation of all tax incentives and grants for R&D activities in Spain

MoneyOak, through its know-how, provides access to its clients to additional funding sources that allow them not only to improve their bottom line but also to focus on their core activities.

Our differential value is based on a highly qualified team of scientists, tax experts and legal advisors, who can guarantee the best results. Our technical and operational knowledge ensures a high value-added consulting and implementation service. Each member of the MoneyOak team has experience leading the growth of innovation-related business activities and that was the main link that brought us all together on this project.

Our main goal is to provide value to our clients in the short, medium and long term and we are so convinced that we will generate savings for them that we work in a 100% results-oriented model (“no cure, no pay“).

David Puentes

Country Manager MoneyOak

David Puentes, with more than 20 years of experience in the strategic and business consulting industry, David Puentes leads the launch and development of new business units and geographic markets. He is an expert in project management in the financing and business innovation field, as well as in cost optimization projects in multiple industries (including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, IT, Utilities, Food, Services, and Hospitality).

MoneyOak offers consultancy services specialized in Innovation Management, focused on the guidance and implementation of IP-Box (Patent Box).  MoneyOak´s Spain team is made up of professionals with more than 30 years of accumulated experience in innovation consultancy.

Want to empower your innovation?

MoneyOak helps you grow and develop your business. Invest in your future!


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