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What is the IP-Box?

The IP-Box (also known as Patent Box) is a tax incentive which enables a company to reduce its corporate income tax base with a maximum of 60% of the net income from qualifying IP assets resulting from R&D or innovative activities. Since 2018, the eligible qualifying IP assets have been extended to advanced software that derives from R&D activities.


What are the most important IP assets eligible for the IP-Box?

  • Registered advanced software derived from R&D activities.
  • Patents.
  • Protection certificates for medicinal products and plant protection.
  • Legally protected drawings & models resulting from R&D and technological innovation activities.
IP Box benefits
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IP-Box Benefits
  • IP-Box can be combined with the application of R&D tax deductions and grants.
  • It allows companies to reduce their corporate income tax base up to 60% of the net income deriving from qualifying IP assets.
  • It is applicable to any type of company and among companies of the same group.
  • No maximum threshold.
  • Can be applied both to sale of IP (capital gains) as well as income received from the transfer of a right to use the IP (license income).
  • It can be used regardless of the IP creation or acquisition date.
  • It applies to both positive and negative tax bases.
  • R&D activities may also have been carried out outside of Spain, under certain conditions.


Why MoneyOak?

The IP-Box incentive is an important tax benefit, and it’s crucial to correctly apply the tax technical rules and their careful implementation in practice in order to avoid tax corrections and penalties in case of a tax audit.

At MoneyOak, our experts will guide you through the entire process, giving you the maximum guarantee of success:


MoneyOak IP-Box Proprietary Methodology

IP Box implementation
David Puentes MoneyOak
David Puentes 

Country Manager MoneyOak

With more than 16 years of experience in the strategic and business consulting industry, David Puentes leads the launch and development of new business units and geographic markets. He is an expert in project management in the financing and business innovation field, as well as in cost optimization projects in multiple industries (including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, IT, Utilities, Food, Services, and Hospitality).

MoneyOak offers consultancy services specialized in Innovation Management, focused on the guidance and implementation of IP-Box (Patent Box).

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